Yauris Romero, MS


Yauris Romero (Pronounced: Jowdy), received her Bachelor of Science and Masters degrees in Psychology with a double minor in public health and Political Science from Keystone College. She is a doctoral student at William James College where she is pursuing a Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology (Psy D.) Her research and clinical interests include topics related to racial/ethnic Disparities, especially prejudice and stereotyping towards racial/ethnic/sexual minorities, military trauma, neuropsychological assessment, eating disorders and trauma. 

In addition to her clinical experiences, she has a wide range of knowledge in working with low-income minority families, adolescents, geriatrics and veterans. Furthermore, she has a special interest in serving marginalized groups and a commitment to social justice. On the side, Yauris enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with her friends and family, and her dog Champ.