FLIHH offers one to three-hour experiences and learning opportunities under COPER™ and TheraFarm™ products and services. Choose from our workshop “menu” below to best suit your needs.


Guided Meditation and Mindful Play Activities 

Crystal Healing and Meditation

Power to Reconnect: COPER™ Strategies for Balancing Life-Mind-Body. Improves personal health, wellness, and overall effectiveness in the individual by encouraging self-care and providing tools to reinforce strategies at home.  At the same time productivity, performance, camaraderie, and compassion within work teams are positively impacted.

Strengthening Connections: Promoting Mind-Body-Spirit-Environment Wellness

Mindful Teaching for the Classroom: Learn how to ground your students, help increase their access to learning and skills and support their wellness.

Cultivating Mindfully Productive Students: The mind, body, spirit, environment of educational success

Self Care for the Treating Professional

Equine-Assisted Therapy *Only available on-site at Butterflihh Farm

Therapeutic Massage *Only available on-site at Butterflihh Farm

Therapeutic Yoga: Through the lens of safety, support, and authenticity, learn to use movement and breath work as skills to calm and cultivate a healing mind-body-spirit-environment connection.

Fueling the Mind and Body: Work with our registered dietician to establish healthy relationships with food, and learn how the food we eat impacts our emotional and physical wellness.

Touch and Energy Work: Use senses to help with physical and psychological challenges, moving toward wellness, wholeness, and strength.

FLIHH’s “experience & learn” workshops are designed to take place at the location of your choice: your workplace, at Butterflihh Farm in Massachusetts, at the EcoSanctuary in San Diego, CA or at another retreat location.  Our program is designed to soothe, nurture, and empower attendees and equip them with a toolbox full of self-care strategies they can incorporate into daily routines and quickly see benefits both at home and in the workplace.

The cost of all workshops  includes materials and handouts.


  • Strategies for mental wellness, mindfulness, and mind-body-spirit-environment connection
  • Emphasis on healthy touch and energy for the body.
  • Take home hand-outs with easy to apply techniques to use at home
  • Healthy food choices provided throughout the day
  • Sensory soothing practices to reinforce at home reducing stress and anxiety
  • And a take home gift bag for every attendee

FLIHH’s mind-body-spirit-environment approach includes principles of:

  • Mental Wellness: How to use COPER™ strategies – Connection, Optimism, Play, Empowerment and Resilience – to facilitate healthy mind and body.
  • Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation: How to incorporate mindfulness meditation and yoga into daily life as tool for stress management.
  • Healthy Eating, Fueling the Mind and Body: How nutrition can impact the body.
  • Touch and Energy: How senses and energy can help with physical, emotional and psychological challenges, moving toward healing, wholeness and strength.