FLIHH offers one to three-hour experiences and learning opportunities utilizing the C.O.P.E.R.* strategies. Choose from our workshop “menu” below to best suit your needs.


Guided Meditation and Mindful Play Activities 

Crystal Healing and Meditation

Power to Reconnect: C.O.P.E.R.* Model for Balancing Life-Mind-Body

Strengthening Connections: Promoting Mind-Body-Spirit Wellness

Mindful Teaching for the Classroom: Learn how to ground your students, help increase their access to learning and skills and support their wellness.

Cultivating Mindfully Productive Students: The mind, body, spirit of educational success

Self Care for the Treating Professional

Equine-Assisted Therapy *Only available on-site at Butterflihh Farm

Therapeutic Massage *Only available on-site at Butterflihh Farm

Therapeutic Yoga: Through the lens of safety, support, and authenticity, learn to use movement and breath work as skills to calm and cultivate a healing mind-body-spirit connection.

Fueling the Mind and Body: Work with our registered dietician to establish healthy relationships with food, and learn how the food we eat impacts our emotional and physical wellness.

Touch and Energy Work: Use senses to help with physical and psychological challenges, moving toward wellness, wholeness, and strength.


FLIHH offers retreats lasting four hours or longer and featuring experiential learning workshops and a spa-like nurturing services. Host your retreat at your own location or on-site at Butterflihh Farm.

FLIHH’s workshops and retreats can help reduce burn-out, loss, illness, and increase effective performance by attendees by helping them learn how to care for themselves.

  • Attendees will learn strategies for mental wellness, mindfulness, mind-body-spirit connectedness, feeding the body healthy, touch and energy.
  • Retreat attendees will receive nurturing through food, beverage, warm lavender towels, cool mint towels, and soothing activities.

The cost of all workshops and retreats includes materials and handouts. Costs for retreats includes gift bag for each attendee.

Choose from our available workshops to customize your retreat experience to meet the needs of your audience.

Contact us at to receive a personal quote to meet your needs.

Fall Wellness Festival

Celebrate the fall season with a full day of experiential learning for wellness split into 3 workshop sessions or bundle more than one at a discount. Each workshop session will include a mind, body, and spirit meditation with experiential wellness learning, a yoga/movement experience, and a nutrition lesson complete with healthy snacks.