Transition: An essential part of the joy of life

        Transitions can be stress-producers: Starting school, moving, starting a new job or back to work after the recent changes. Transitions are also a time that you can establish goals for yourself. We can take a moment to allow ourselves to be renewed by a shift in the previous routine, discovering new places, people, ways of being or ways of doing things.

     I love a lesson learned in Costa Rica – the concept of Pura Vida (enjoy life to the fullest -it is a beautiful gift!). As you experience these new transitions, allow yourself to pause, be mindful of the experience in the moment. The workplace or school may look very different; find joy in the observation of safety, a way to connect while protecting each other. Moving into a new place, take time to look around and notice the world around you. Find joy in the little things you see. Maybe you have a child that has left for college or a new adventure; find joy in hearing about their growth and experiences and find time to see your own. We grow and learn and adapt constantly – the beauty of all living things.