TheraFarm™ & Equine Therapy at Butterflihh Farm

Our location in Marshfield, MA is home to Butterflihh Farm where our rescue animals live. 

TheraFarm™ Products and Services

Using a unique mind-body-spirit-environment health and healing model developed by FLIHH founder Sheri Damon, FLIHH offers individual, family and group TheraFarm™ sessions. 

Illness thrives in isolation and the repeated and potentially distorted information in one’s brain. In order to change destructive thinking and/or behaviors it is essential to find new connections, locate one’s joy/playfulness, retrain the brain and feel positive about engaging activities. Working in nature and with animals is a great way to do this! There is no greater reward than to laugh with the chickens or feel the love of our mini horse, Monkey, or snuggle with the goats.

Flihh currently offers two TheraFarm™* Services:

TheraFarm™ Group: Thursdays 3:30-4:30

Work with Flihh staff to experience COPER™ skills in action while using animal care, meditative tools in nature, sensory soothing techniques to refocus and retrain the brain, recognizing the healing power of the TheraFarm™ program.

Volunteer Healing Experiences: Schedule individual times with

Working with a farm staff member, a person can feel the healing power, interact with nature, animals and the environment on our therapeutic farm while donating their time and talent. This opportunity is available for students, clients, all ages and genders. All volunteers must complete a release prior to participating (minors need permission from parent/guardian).

*Animal assisted therapy sessions with therapy support dogs, Lucy and Prim, along with farm
animals are experiencing an extremely long waitlist

Equine Therapy

Equine facilitated psychotherapy (EFP) is a unique, up and coming form of mental health treatment that incorporates direct interaction with an equine partner. EFP is led by a mental health practitioner who is also an equine professional. EFP can also be set up with a team of therapist, equine professional, client, and equine. In either format the equine acts as a co-therapist for the client, and guides the direction of the session in real time. 

By nature, horses are sensitive and emotionally intuitive creatures who rely on each other in a herd to protect themselves from predators. Because of this they are highly responsive to external stimuli, are constantly interacting with the environment around them, and display complex and nuanced communication patterns. Given the size and nature of the animal, safety is an essential component of any EFP practice. Clients are made aware of all safety protocols and at times redirected to maintain safe and positive interactions with the horse. This component often aligns nicely with psychotherapy treatment goals, particularly for those clients who may engage in risky or unsafe behaviors. 

During an EFP session the client is encouraged to tune in to the equine and the cues that he or she demonstrates. This in turn supports the client in understanding and responding to social cues, allows healthy connection to form and embodies mindfulness with the “in the moment” feedback provided by the horse. EFP has proven effective for many populations, and can be adapted to fit the needs of the participating client. EFP has supported positive outcomes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, substance use disorders, and eating disorders to name a few. Research into the efficacy of this treatment for mental health continues to expand across the US and internationally. 

Butterflihh EcoSanctuary “Glamping” Wellness Retreats

Held on a breathtaking piece of land in Ramona, CA outside San Diego, guests will be treated to nurturing and pampering while learning about COPER™ and TheraFarm™ health and wellness products.

Learn More about the EcoSanctuary