Retreats & Events

Host your retreat at your own location, on-site at Butterflihh Farm in Marshfield, MA (1/2 or full day) or make it a full vacation experience at our  Butterflihh EcoSanctuary in Ramona, CA (see description below). Retreats can even be held virtually. Reach out to our wellness director to inquire how.

Half-day, full-day and immersive 2 or 4 day retreats. All retreats allow attendess to receive spa-like, nurturing services. Attendees will learn strategies for mental wellness, mindfulness, mind-body-spirit-environment connectedness, feeding the body healthy, touch and energy. Retreat attendees will receive nurturing via food, beverage, soothing essential oil infused warm and cool towels, and sensory grounding activities.

Workplace wellness  Mind-body-spirit-environment wellness featuring experiential learning workshops can help reduce burn-out, loss, illness, and increase effective performance by attendees by helping them learn how to care for themselves in improve team work and productivity.

Bridal, birthday or group special occasion wellness events. Start your special day with nurturing, wellness and self-care. Put together the combination that serves you at your location or ours – Reiki, sound healing, yoga, Thai infused body work, meditation, nature bathing.

The cost of all workshops and retreats includes materials and handouts. Costs for retreats includes gift bag for each attendee.

Contact us at to receive a personal quote to meet your needs.

Butterflihh EcoSanctuary

Butterflihh EcoSanctuary is a “back to nature” space in Ramona, CA where we provide “glamping” experiences which are connected to and respectful of the land of which we are stewards. Located just a short drive from Los Angeles and San Diego, surround yourself with breathtaking views, native Manzanita trees and sage, recognize the impact on our planet and ourselves of the products we use, learn healing strategies to conserve, reuse, recycle, and experience how connecting with the land heals mind, body and spirit. Practice sound healing, nature bathing, meditation, reiki and yoga connected to the environment.

While other wonderful retreat and wellness resources may provide training, healing relaxation in nature, ecotherapy, holistic or integrative health, animal assisted therapies or treatment of mental health and eating disorder conditions, no one found to date provides the comprehensive, role-modeling ‘experience and learn’ modality of Butterflihh EcoSanctuary. Given the tremendous rise in mental and physical health conditions and the undeniable climate impact this approach of mind-body-spirit-environment health and healing is ahead of the curve.

Usui Reiki Trainings

Learn how to heal yourself and others through Sydney’s transformative Reiki Classes in person in San Gabriel, CA or virtually. $395 for Level I and II Training.

You will receive attunements and be guided through meditative healing experiences, hands-on training, and ongoing support following training