Reiki & Sound Healing

Join us in person at the Flihh Holistic Wellness Studio in San Gabriel, CA or virtually from anywhere. Not sure if Reiki or Sound Healing is for you? Schedule a FREE consultation with Sydney here



Schedule a Reiki session with FLIHH, administered by Sydney Taylor. Sydney is a Certified Master of Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho and began practicing Reiki in 2023. FLIHH’s Reiki Practice sessions will offer a deep healing experience for the mind, body, and spirit. These sessions are currently being offered virtually and in person at the FLIHH Holistic Wellness Studio in San Gabriel, CA.

Reiki is administered using specific hand placements over the body to repair its energy centers (Chakras). FLIHH’s virtual Reiki sessions will be held over zoom using a combination of a surrogate and beaming Reiki toward the client through the screen, depending on their needs. Sydney uses a combination of standard Reiki hand placements and intuitive placements, using a technique called “Byosen Scanning” to determine what part of the body needs healing most to ensure a full-body healing experience. If the Crystal-healing add-on is purchased, a crystal pendulum reading will also be used to examine the chakras. 

Our Reiki sessions are customized to the individual, assuring that you will receive healing where you need it most. Schedule a session today and enjoy the feeling of deep relaxation as you feel your stress and worries melt away with the healing powers of Reiki!

*Ask us about our group offerings, corporate offerings, and customizable plans! 

$70 for a 60 minute session – 6 Reiki and/or Sound Healing Sessions for $400

*Crystal Healing add on for an additional $15 – Sydney will follow up each session with an email description of all crystals used in the session including where and why they were used

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Sound Healing

Schedule an individual or group Sound Healing Session with Certified Sound Healer, Sydney Taylor. FLIHH’s Sound Healing Sessions rebalance the body, mind, and spirit using healing frequencies to clear blockages in energy flow and promote an overall sense of well-being. These sessions are currently being offered virtually and in person at the FLIHH Holistic Wellness Studio in San Gabriel, CA.

Because our body’s frequencies can be disrupted by things like negative thought patterns, disordered eating, frequent arguments, anxiety, illness, etc; using healing sound frequencies to rebalance those frequencies can be instrumental in helping to treat those issues at the source. 

FLIHH’s Sound Healing sessions are customized to the individual based on what they need that day. This means that one session will not necessarily look the same as the next. Utilizing an arsenal of crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, ocean drums, tuning forks, and more, Sydney will conduct a session that is designed to suit your needs and help to rebalance the body’s frequencies that have been disrupted. Schedule a session today and see just how healing sound can be!

*Ask us about our group offerings, corporate offerings, and customizable plans! 

$70 for a 60 minute session –  6 Reiki and/or Sound Healing Sessions for $400

*Crystal Healing add on for an additional $15 – Sydney will follow up each session with an email description of all crystals used in the session including where and why they were used

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Crystal and Chakra Healing

Add Crystal Healing to your Reiki or Sound Healing session! Sydney, a Certified Crystal and Chakra Healer will select crystals for you based on what your body needs to promote healing. This form of Energy Healing is great on its own, but is especially powerful when used in conjunction with other healing methods, as crystals amplify the effects of other healing energies, such as Reiki and sound. 

As a part of Crystal Healing, Sydney will perform a Pendulum Reading. This entails holding a crystal pendulum over each of the 7 main chakras and interpreting the pendulum’s response to determine whether the chakra is open or closed; balanced or imbalanced; and if energy is flowing properly, improperly, or not at all. Based on the result, a carefully-selected crystal will be used to rebalance and open the chakra so that energy flows properly. Try adding crystals to your Reiki or Sound Healing session and feel the amazing benefits of their powerful vibrations!

Crystal and Chakra Healing add on to Reiki or Sound Healing sessions for an additional $15 – Sydney will follow up each session with an email description of all crystals used in the session including where and why they were used

Additional Reiki Services

Free Consultations

Not sure what form of energy healing is right for you? Need more clarification on what Sydney’s services entail? Book a free consultation with Sydney to chat with them about your options before committing to paid services. With the free consultation, you can find out more about Sydney’s services, how energy healing works, what would work best for you, suggested frequency of sessions based on your needs, package/payment plan options, and get answers to any other questions you may have. As an additional option- Sydney will do a brief energetic reading to assess your chakras and offer some insight on what may need repairing if you’re not sure where you’re at energetically. About 10-15 minutes and offered virtually and in-person at FLIHH Holistic Wellness Studio in San Gabriel.

Aura Clearing

This technique combines practices from Hawaii, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Reiki, performed by Reiki Master Sydney. This is a total reset of the Aura, including all layers of the self/one’s energy. With this technique, roots of deep-seeded issues/blockages/imbalances/ stagnant energies are identified and cleared to release negative energy and promote positive energy flow throughout. This allows one to take charge of their inner power and use it to heal. Aura clearing sessions are more interactive than standard reiki sessions, utilizing even more input from the client. *Note that it may take a few or several sessions to take full effect, but one session is better than none!

  • $85 for 1 in-depth 50-minute Aura Clearing session
  • Crystal healing Add On (+ $15) – Sydney will follow up each session with an email description of all crystals used in the session including where and why they were used
  • Aura Clearing Add On to standard Reiki or Sound Healing – 70 minute session (+ $35)
  • Aura Clearing + Healing Attunement – 70 minute session ($105)

Reiki Meditation

This is a guided meditative experience led by Reiki Master Sydney. The space (whether in-studio or online) will be infused with reiki through various techniques including the use of sacred reiki symbols. Sydney will then lead the client(s) through a healing meditative experience that is customized to cater to their specific needs. Sydney will also perform reiki on the client(s) during the experience. This is a profound healing experience that will transport you to a feeling of complete calm and serenity. These Reiki meditations are wonderful for deep relaxation, stress relief, and connection to self/one’s intuition, and can promote healing in many other areas.

  • $40 for one 30-minute one-person session (group prices vary) 
  • For customized, longer and/or hybrid options, please email

Healing Attunement

Performed by Reiki Master Sydney. Normally, a Reiki Attunement is given only to students/practitioners to connect them to Reiki in a Certification Training, however, Healing Attunements are available for those who are not attuned/trained to practice reiki but are looking for deeper, more powerful healing. A Healing Attunement brings in high-frequency healing energies that are even more powerful and effective than those given during a regular reiki session. This can be a very spiritual process and can release a lot of stored emotion, trauma, negative energy, and stagnation. Healing Attunements can also be used to empower goals and manifest. There is no limit on how many of these attunements one can receive.

  • $45 for one 20 minute, one-person session
  • Aura Clearing + Healing Attunement – 70 minute session ($105)
  • Can be done for groups, especially great for bonding/connection, group prices vary

Attunements for All Levels of Practitioners

Performed by Reiki Master Sydney, these Attunements are for those who feel they could use a “boost” to strengthen and intensify their reiki energy and connection to its source or would like an attunement from a different Master. Many practitioners find it beneficial to be re-attuned by a different Master than who originally attuned them as all have their own version of reiki energy and attune differently. There is no necessity to be re-attuned as reiki energy never leaves you, however, many benefit from receiving additional attunements at their level as it amplifies the reiki energy they are already connected to and often provides a different type of energy. Must be at your current level; higher-level attunements are only given to those taking a training course (ie: if you are certified in levels I and II, you can receive both level I and II attunements, but not Advanced or Master attunements).

  • $50 for one 20 minute, one-person session
  • Prices vary for those wishing to do group attunements

Level I, II, Advanced, and Master Trainings

Learn how to heal yourself and others through Sydney’s transformative Reiki Classes.

For more information check out our upcoming class description here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some of the benefits of Reiki, Crystal, and Sound Healing?

A: The benefits of receiving Reiki, Crystal, and Sound Healing are far too numerous to list. There has been extensive research that has proven the positive effects of these forms of Energy Healing to assist* in treating various ailments and disorders, both mental and physical. To name a few, Energy Healing has been known to help with anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, ADHD, compulsive behaviors, eating disorders, low self-esteem, low-energy, inflammation, IBS, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, back pain, migraines, muscle stiffness, chronic fatigue, and so much more. And the good news is that these healing methods do not harm, they can only help. So schedule an Energy Healing Session now and see for yourself how these services can help you enjoy being in your body and improve the quality of your life.

*Please note that Reiki and Sound Healing Sessions are NOT medical treatments, are NOT facilitated by a medical professional, are NOT meant to diagnose any medical or psychiatric disorders and are NOT meant to replace any form of medical/psychiatric treatment. These sessions are intended to be given IN ADDITION to any medical treatments you receive; please do NOT schedule Healing sessions IN PLACE of medical/psychiatric sessions, appointments, treatments, etc. 


Q: What is Reiki? 

A: Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing throughout the body. In Japanese kanji, “Rei” translates to “Universal / spiritual wisdom”. “Ki” (or “Chi” in Chinese; “Prana” in Sanskrit) means “Life-force energy / biofield energy”. So Reiki literally means “Spiritually-guided (or Universally-guided) life-force energy. Simply put, what this means is that there is an extremely powerful energy that is all around us all the time, guided by the Universe, spiritual consciousness, a higher power, whatever one may choose to call it. Though the exact name(s) for the source of this energy is unknown, Reiki Healers have developed methods of channeling this powerful life-force energy and allowing it to flow through them and into others to promote healing.


Q: How will Reiki be given in-person?

A: In-person Reiki is administered using specific hand placements over the body, through which this universal life-force energy can flow into and repair the energy centers that comprise the body, AKA the Chakras. This can be done through hands-on touch, “beaming” the energy with the hands off the body, and/or working in the “auric field” (the layers of one’s aura surrounding the body). Most likely, a combination of these techniques will be used depending on the client’s needs and comfort level.


Q: What if I want in-person Reiki but don’t want to be touched or have certain parts of my body I don’t want touched? 

A: All clients will be asked before each session if they are ok with hands-on touch and, if so, if there are any areas they do not want touched. Hands-on placements will of course only be in appropriate areas and everyone’s comfort level will be respected. If you want in-person sessions but do not want to be physically touched, that is perfectly fine and you can still receive a full Reiki session!


Q: How does virtual Reiki work/ Is it as effective as in-person?

A: Virtual Reiki sessions conducted using the same types of hand placements on and off the body, which are administered using a surrogate and/or beaming at the screen. The surrogate can be anything from a picture of the client to a teddy bear! (For FLIHH’s virtual sessions, you will most likely see a big purple Teddy Bear as your surrogate.) Virtual sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions as Reiki is Universal and therefore transcends time and space. The practitioner acts as a conduit through which this energy flows and guides it to you- wherever in the world you may be! You will still feel the same sensations as you would in an in-person session but from the comfort of your own home.


Q: How does Sound Healing Work?

A: Sound Healing is based on the premise of entrainment, and it works because of the way water reacts to sound (human bodies are 60% water on average). Entrainment is the study of synchronization of oscillating systems, or more simply put, how one vibrating frequency can “fall into step” with another after being exposed to it over time. This concept applies to many systems of the body including the heart rate, brainwaves, and cells. As every part of the body has its own vibration, these systems will eventually attune themselves to a stronger, more powerful vibration- such as that of a crystal singing bowl or tuning fork. Basically, our bodies’ internal vibrations respond to these powerful frequencies and change to “fall into step” with them, vibrating at the same frequency. This rebalances the body’s frequencies that have been disrupted and, over time, can actually change brain waves by altering the electrical activity in the brain. 


Q: How long has sound been used for healing?

A: Sound Healing can be traced back more than 40,000 years to the use of didgeridoos by Australian Aborigines to unblock static energy in the body, promote connection to the earth, and aid in releasing trauma. Sound healing has been used to treat illness, increase intuition, promote good fortune, and for many other purposes throughout history from the Ancient Egyptians to Greek physicians and philosophers. It is even thought that sound and music have been used by humans for healing purposes since our early days as cave people. It has been in our DNA since the dawn of our existence to connect and resonate with sound.


Q: Does Sound Healing really work over zoom?

A: Yes! The frequencies produced by Sound Healing instruments can translate over a virtual platform and will have the same healing benefits. It may not feel quite as immersive as having the instruments right next to you, but your body will still recognize the frequencies and resonate with them the same way it would in person and reap the same benefits.


Q: What is Crystal Healing?

A: Crystal Healing is another method of Energy Healing utilizing crystals and stones to bring balance to an individual’s life, mind, and body, and promote overall wellness. 


How do crystals work?

A: Crystals are used to promote positive energy and eliminate negative energy. Everything in the Universe vibrates, including our bodies, and including crystals (and sound). Crystal vibrations, when applied to the body, help to regulate the frequencies in the brain, organs, blood, and chakras. This happens because the crystal’s frequency is more powerful/stable, so the frequency of whatever area is imbalanced or blocked will eventually resonate, or “link-up” to the crystal’s vibration. This is particularly effective in rebalancing chakras.


Q: What are Chakras?

A: Chakras are our bodies’ energy centers, and they are best explained as “wheels” of energy that each correspond to a part of the body, organs, bones, physical sensations, mental states, behaviors, and emotions. There are thought to be over 100 chakras, but the ones we typically deal with and that affect us most are the 7 main chakras. These are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third-eye, and crown chakras, all of which are placed along your spine from bottom to top. 


Q: What is so important about Chakra Healing?

A: Ideally, chakras should be unblocked and open so that energy can flow through and between them properly. Open, balanced, and properly-functioning chakras mean that we are in a state of overall wellness, inside and out. Unfortunately, chakras can easily become blocked or thrown off-balance due to a number of things and, more often than not, are out of whack. An argument with a loved one can block the throat chakra, negative self-talk can block the heart chakra, bad dietary habits can imbalance the solar plexus chakra, trauma can block/imbalance several chakras, etc. A chakra can tell us a lot about what is going on in the body and mind, based on its state. For example, an open and balanced root chakra helps us feel grounded, balanced, safe, strong, and confident; whereas a blocked/imbalanced root chakra leaves us feeling insecure, anxious, depressed, disconnected, possessive, etc. Crystals, Reiki, and Sound Healing can help rebalance these energy centers and keep us away from those negative patterns, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and physical ailments.


Q: What if I want to combine Reiki, Crystal, and Sound Healing?

A: There are lots of options to customize your session for an additional cost. Email and ask how we can create a customized plan to assure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Usui Reiki I and II Trainings

Learn how to heal yourself and others through Sydney’s transformative Reiki Classes in person in San Gabriel, CA or virtually. $395 for Level I and II Training.

You will receive attunements and be guided through meditative healing experiences, hands-on training, and ongoing support following training