Promote Personal Health & Healing Within Your Business, Group, or Organization

Both men and women feel the strain of trying to balance work-life-technology-school-family-friends; often caring for everyone else before themselves. The Power to Reconnect Workshop improves personal health, wellness, and overall effectiveness in the individual by encouraging self-care and providing tools to reinforce strategies at home.  At the same time productivity, performance, camaraderie, and compassion within work teams are positively impacted.

FLIHH’s Power to Reconnect Workshop is a 3-hour a retreat-style “experience & learn” workshop designed to take place at the location of your choice: your workplace, at ButterFLIHH Farm, or at another retreat location.  The full-day program is designed to soothe, nurture, and empower attendees and equip them with a toolbox full of self-care strategies they can incorporate into daily routines and quickly see benefits both at home and in the workplace.


  • Strategies for mental wellness, mindfulness, and mind-body-spirit connection
  • Emphasis on healthy touch and energy for the body.
  • Take home hand-outs with easy to apply techniques to use at home
  • Healthy food choices provided throughout the day
  • Sensory soothing practices to reinforce at home reducing stress and anxiety
  • And a take home gift bag for every attendee

FLIHH’s mind-body-spirit approach includes principles of:

  • Mental Wellness: How to use strategies of mental connection, optimism, play, empowerment and resilience to facilitate healthy mind and body.
  • Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation: How to incorporate mindfulness meditation and yoga into daily life as tool for stress management.
  • Healthy Eating, Fueling the Mind and Body: How nutrition can impact the body.
  • Touch and Energy: How senses and energy can help with physical, emotional and psychological challenges, moving toward healing, wholeness and strength.

Introducing Emerge.

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