Nutrition Counseling & Consultation

Visit our experienced Registered Dietitians conducting individual, family or group counseling or consultation with a specialty in Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating behaviors.

Telehealth or Video-Consult: Receive training and services in the comfort of your own home or office.

Butterflihh Farm Sessions: Individual, family or group nutrition counseling sessions surrounded by the beauty of our tiny therapeutic farm with rescued animals, mindfulness gardens and labyrinth.

Personal Wellness Consultation, Assessment & Planning Services

Consultation, assessment, and planning services can provide an opportunity to identify and assess problem areas, creatively intervene in a wide variety of situations and reduce disruption for someone in need. Consultation services allow for cost-effective, emotionally and behaviorally supportive intervention that can be used in any environment. Support, guidance and a fresh approach to existing programs, strategies, and interventions can be provided through short term consultation.

Telehealth or Video-Consult
Receive training and services in the comfort of your own home or office.

At Butterflihh Farm
Combine learning the skills and strategies with experiencing animal assisted interventions, walking the labyrinth, observing sensory soothing in the mindfulness gardens.

  • Improve relationship with food (including Mindful Eating, New Ways to Soothe, Improve Body Image, Altering the Destructive Path)
  • Eating Disorder Program Development – Nutrition, Counseling and other needed services
  • Family Consult to Develop Healthy Tech. Relationships
  • Behavioral Health Assessment/Family Consultation
  • Behavioral Intervention Planning

Nutritional Healing & Body Health

 Nutrition for Movement and Athletes · TBD

The nutrition for movement and athletes group focuses on function of foods and how they work within the body.  We review why it is important to pre fuel and post fuel and how to choose foods that will best support your performance as well as muscle recovery.  Together we debunk societal misconceptions around food and learn to make choices that help you get stronger on and off the field.  


Nutrition for Body Image Recovery · Scheduled by appointment only, private or small group.

Pricing and scheduling will vary based on need.

The nutrition and body image session will provide, in detail, the role of macronutrients and micronutrients in the body and why they are essential to our health. We then tie in the benefits of food with how we can maintain a positive body image using reframing techniques and affirmations. 


Meal Support and Coaching · Monday through Thursday snack at 3pm or dinner at 6pm (est) or lunch 12pm snack 3pm (pst)

Begin the support with mind-body-spirit-environment grounding, COPER integrative plate work and support and encouragement to follow the meal plan designed by registered dietitians.

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Introducing Emerge.

Call to inquire about our customizable hybrid outpatient program for eating disorders and disordered eating.