Katie Murphy Gordon, LCSW

Katie Murphy Gordon is a Licensed Certified Social Worker who earned her Master’s degree from Simmons College in Boston MA. She has experience as a Mental Health practitioner working with a wide demographic in a variety of settings. She is also a Massachusetts State licensed horseback riding instructor and is certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH Int’l) as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor and an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning.

Katie began her riding career at Furnace Brook Farm in Marshfield MA under the instruction of Erin Van Steenburgh in the late nineties. At FBF she gained a love for horses, a supportive and nurturing community, and a solid foundation of dressage based riding skills. Katie went on to advance her dressage riding career in later years and now uses dressage fundamentals as the basis for all of her mounted therapeutic work. Katie believes that equine assisted therapy can be a powerful agent of change for participants due to the intuitive nature and emotional intelligence of the horse. Katie finds that classical dressage riding which encompasses harmony, partnership, and positive communication between horse and rider can also align well with psychotherapeutic treatment goals.

Katie has a clinical background working with children and adults in outpatient as well as community based settings. She finds equine assisted therapy to be particularly effective in treating a variety of symptoms related to post traumatic stress, attachment based challenges, family/relational challenges, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and identity work. Harnessing the power of lived experience is an integral piece of equine assisted therapy, and building on experiences with a horse as a partner is essential to the process. Participants are able to build new skills and create meaning through these experiences, often leading to positive change and healing.

Katie is thrilled to be back working at Furnace Brook Farm and is now offering equine assisted therapy sessions through FLIHH.

Katie Murphy Gordon | LCSW