Individual, Group & Family Counseling

Reaching out is the first step to healing. Individual, group or family-focused counseling services are offered to identify the problem area and establish the supports and strategies needed to move your life forward. FLIHH has locations in Marshfield on our therapeutic farm and on Cape Cod.

Areas of Expertise


  • Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating Behaviors
  • Nutrition
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Strategies for Decreasing Technology Addiction
  • ADHD and improving focus
  • Skill Building for Coping with the Stress of Being a Caregiver

Individual & Family Counseling

Therapy can be provided to identify and address specific problem areas. FLIHH’s C.O.P.E.R. * Model addresses cognitive, behavioral and mind-body-spirit strategies. Family-focused treatment has been shown through various research sources to be an extremely effective means of treating adolescents with eating disorders and disordered eating behaviors, kids and teens with anxiety, depression, and ADHD. Strategy development is essential for creating a healthy balance with technology usage and reducing emotional over-drive. Skill building, utilizing principles from Mindfulness, CBT, FBT, and DBT, is an effective means of replacing ineffective behaviors. Many insurance plans are accepted.

*C.O.P.E.R is a combination of connection, optimism, play, empowerment, and resilience strategies.

Telehealth: Receive therapy in the comfort of your own home or office.

Butterflihh Farm Sessions: Individual, family or group counseling sessions surrounded by the beauty of our tiny therapeutic farm with rescued animals, mindfulness gardens and labyrinth.

Cape Cod Location: Individual or family counseling sessions with easy access for Cape residents.

C.O.P.E.R Consultant/Meal Plan Tutor

The goal is to never feel alone in the health and recovery process. Many people (families, partners and clients themselves) need to learn as well as practice strategies that contribute to their health and recovery. They may learn strategies in their therapy sessions and groups, in meetings with their dietician or learn directly from the C.O.P.E.R. Consultant. This consultant can provide sessions during the week in an extremely cost-effective manner to supplement the planning done with the nutritionist or therapist/group leader, brainstorm solutions to particular struggles and help with accountability.  The consultant can also become a meal plan tutor, trained as a dietician, trained in flihh’s COPER Model and working closely with our other flihh professionals, to support anyone recovering from an eating disorder or disordered eating.

Therapeutic Yoga

We are excited to announce that Therapeutic Yoga will now be offered at FLIHH, led by one of our clinicians Amanda Kravitz. Amanda is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher and began teaching yoga in 2020. FLIHH’s yoga practice will offer a space for those looking to cultivate a healing mind-body-spirit connection. These sessions incorporate clinical and evidence-based perspectives, as well as a functional movement approach. Through the lens of safety, support, and authenticity, we’ll be using movement and breath work as skills to calm and connect with the body and mind with a healing approach.

These 60 minute Therapeutic Yoga sessions will be held over Zoom, and as it gets warmer and is safe to do so, will eventually be held outdoors at Flihh in our Butterflihh Garden next to Monkey, our pony, and the goats! You can buy a package of 6 for $75 or $15/individual session.

Please contact if you are interested in joining us for Therapeutic Yoga. We look forward to seeing you on the mat!

Therapeutic Yin Yoga Practice · Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm

Therapeutic Yoga Practice · Saturdays 8:00-9:00am


All groups use mind-body-spirit therapeutic approaches along with our C.O.P.E.R.* model to support health and healing. C.O.P.E.R* is a combination of connection, optimism, play, empowerment, and resilience strategies. Skill building and support groups combine energy, creativity, fun, mindfulness and therapeutic techniques to develop or enhance strategies for addressing specific need areas for children, adolescents, and adults. Psycho-educational and support groups can increase the effectiveness of a number of treatment programs and treatment modalities. All groups require intake to enroll and are subject to changes in scheduling. Fee for groups is $195 for 6 sessions. Sliding scale and payment plans may be available.

All groups running virtually! (DBT Skills, Adult Eating Disorder Support, and Adult Women’s Stress & Anxiety Support offer virtual and in person hybrid options)

Please contact if you are interested in joining any of our support groups.

Eating Disorder and Disordered Eating Behavior Support

Whether over-eating, binge-eating, eating to soothe, restrictive eating or over-exercise is the issue, this skill development group provides support, experiential learning, and positive coping strategies.

Gender-All-Inclusive for Disordered Eating Support Group · Tuesdays 1:00pm-2:00pm

Teen Eating Disorder Support Group · Tuesdays 4:30pm to 5:30pm

LEADE – Ladies Empowered Against Disordered Eating · Thursday 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Parent Support for Children with Disordered Eating

Treating a child with an eating disorder can feel isolating and insurmountable. It is not and FLIHH can help. This group provides support and strategies to help you help your child treat an eating disorder.

Parent Support for Children with Disordered Eating · Mondays 7:00pm-8:00pm

Anxiety Support

Anyone with anxiety can struggle with balancing life’s tasks and expectations, their own emotions, and tools to resolve their anxiety. This can make them feel isolated and overwhelmed. This group is designed to teach strategies and provide supports helping each member decrease their anxiety and improve their coping skills.

Preteen/Teen Coper Skills for Stress & Anxiety · Mondays 4:30pm to 5:30pm

College/Young Adults Stress & Anxiety Support · Mondays 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Adult Women’s Stress & Anxiety Support · Thursday 9:00am to 10:00am

DBT Skills Support

If you are interested in learning about the use of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with ongoing support, or if you have learned DBT skills in the past and want to continue to practice, this is the group for you! Learn and practice helpful skills used in DBT for changing impulsive or destructive behaviors, regulating emotions, and tolerating distress.

DBT Skills Support Group · Wednesdays 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Upcoming Events

Fall Wellness Festival

Celebrate the fall season with a full day of experiential learning for wellness split into 3 workshop sessions or bundle more than one at a discount. Each workshop session will include a mind, body, and spirit meditation with experiential wellness learning, a yoga/movement experience, and a nutrition lesson complete with healthy snacks.