Healing Eating Disorders with Connection



    Here at Flihh we use the ™C.O.P.E.R model to address cognitive, behavioral, and body-mind-spirit strategies. What is the ™C.O.P.E.R model? C.O.P.E.R is the mix of using Connection, Optimism, Play, Empowerment and Resilience to aid in health and healing.

  How does being connected bring positive in your life? 

      Eating disorders thrive in isolation and to change a destructive behavior you need something to replace it. By connecting to things, activities, animals, nature and people you can begin to change the negative self talk and behaviors that can cause stress or lead to destructive behavior, including eating disorder behaviors.  

    Things to ask yourself to help become more connected:  

  1. Can you identify a particular connection that makes you feel positive and good about yourself? What makes this connection healthy for you?
  2. Think about the impact on your connections because of your disordered eating?  How can the time, the focus, the energy of how you talk to yourself, and positive planning add to your connections and therefore, add to your healing?
  3. Consider your connections, think about the strengths that you each have that has helped to keep you connected? 
  4. Notice the joy you feel in a positive connection – the feeling of an animal, the excitement in someone’s eyes when they see you, spending time laughing and feeling that positive energy, the sense of comfort in a smile.

        By starting to practice connection, watch how your self thoughts and behaviors begin to change from negative to positive.