Emerge: Outpatient Program for Eating Disorders

A customizable enhanced hybrid outpatient program for eating disorders/disordered eating.

Offering Daily Support

Work with Licensed Dieticians, Licensed Clinicians, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and COPER Care Advocates. We provide a numberless scale, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, tools/books, crystals (included in program fees).

Build your own personal plan. Select 1, 2, 3, or 4 days in person (or virtual)​

  • Supported Snack
    Supported Dinner
  • Meal Planning/Grocery List
  • 1:1 Check-ins
  • Journaling/Homework
  • Medication Evaluations


1 Day $195

+ $125 Enrollment Fee


  • Fueling for Movement for Athletes
  • Meditation
  • Multifamily Group
  • Stress and Anxiety Group


  • Gender All inclusive ED Support
  • Creative Arts Group
  • Teen ED Support Group
  • Energy Reset


  • Nutrition and Body Image
  • Sensory Reset
  • DBT Skills
  • Therapeutic Yoga


  • Therafarming
  • Weekend Relapse Prevention
  • Brain Retrain/Games/Sensory Reset
  • Adult ED Support Group

Introducing Emerge.

Schedule a free initial intake session for our new customizable hybrid outpatient program for eating disorders and disordered eating.