Emerge: Outpatient Programming for Eating Disorders

A customizable enhanced hybrid outpatient menu of services for eating disorders/disordered eating.

Build your own personalized plan – in person or virtual. Call or email to inquire.

Contact Us: emerge@flihh.com or info@flihh.com

Our Mission

FLIHH and Emerge offer a compassionate community of providers who use a holistic treatment approach incorporating aspects of mind, body, spirit and environment for each client on their healing journey. Our goal is to assist individuals in utilizing tools to cultivate healing and sustain healthy change around disordered eating behaviors.

Work with Licensed Dieticians, Licensed Clinicians, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and COPER™ Care Advocates. 1:1 Support/Monitoring, TheraFarm™, and Therapeutic Yoga. We provide a numberless scale, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, tools/books, crystals (included in program fees).

Emerge Under COPER™* and TheraFarm™

*Connection · Optimism · Play · Empowerment · Resilience 

Emerge is an exciting dream come true for FLIHH founder, Sheri Damon, allowing for sustainable healing, learning and experiencing while also maintaining life activities through a menu of carefully curated services. Sheri is a writer, teacher and leader of a dynamic team of professionals with decades of experience using holistic practices for individual, group and family therapy, training, wellness planning, retreats and consultation. FLIHH treats eating disorders and other mental health conditions. Creating her authored COPER™ Manual for all ages and genders, the Certified TheraFarm™ Practitioner training program and the unique TheraFarm™ healing and learning set of services, workshops and retreats. Butterflihh Farm helps clients connect to nature and animals in a serene environment promoting healing. Emerge provides enhanced healing through superior supports with a diverse team and varied strategies for guiding the journey in a schedule and environment that works for each person. COPER™ and TheraFarm™ bring together tools of mind, body, spirit and environment healing in practical and experiential ways.

*Equity Pricing – we know healing takes time and we want to be here to support you each step of the way. We ask you to contribute however you can.

**Dietician and Therapist sessions occur outside of Emerge and may be billable to insurance and subject to copays. Please verify insurance coverage for these sessions or arrange equity pricing through Butterflihh Farm Fund.

Menu of Emerge Services Monday - Thursday

  • Supported Snack (Mon-Thurs)
    Supported Dinner (Wed & Thurs)
  • Meal Planning/Grocery List
  • 1:1 Check-ins
  • Journaling/Homework
  • Supported Vitals Monitoring

Access to Support Groups


$45/Service or Package of 6 for $200

*A refundable deposit is required for remote monitoring devices

Scholarships are available through the Butterflihh Farm Fund as funds allow and per need


  • Fueling for Movement for Recovery
  • Multifamily Group (resumes soon)


  • Creative Arts Group (resumes soon)
  • Teen MH & ED Support Group
  • Parent Support


  • Nutrition and Body Image (by appt. only)
  • Psycho-Ed Skills
  • Therapeutic Yoga (additional yoga offerings here)


  • TheraFarm Group
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Adult ED Support Group

Introducing Emerge.

Call to inquire about our customizable hybrid outpatient Menu of Supports for eating disorders and disordered eating.