Cape & Islands Family Support Network

Our team understands the unique challenges that clients are confronted with when faced with the significant impact of an eating disorder diagnosis. The Cape and Islands Family Support Network will offer clients the opportunity to be fully supported in their recovery from an eating disorder. Our provider and treatment affiliates are equipped to handle clients in both the early stages of an eating disorder, as well as those that may have been living with the devastating effects of this illness for some time. Clients and their families will receive not only information and education regarding all aspects of a loved one’s eating disorder, but they will also have the opportunity to be connected to the top eating disorder experts in their geographical area. Full recovery is indeed possible. Allow us the opportunity to help you start this journey…and let the healing begin.

“Eating disorders affect millions of young people and it is estimated that only one in thirty-five individuals in crisis seek some form of treatment. Therefore, it is crucial that all of us play a part in reducing the shame and stigma that exists with regards to this potentially life-threatening illness. We must also consider establishing affiliations that better provide the resources and treatment necessary to allow for the healing to begin. I’m honored to be part of a leadership team that shares my passion for supporting these clients in crisis. In addition, we are all sincerely grateful to be partnering with the entities below who are dedicated to supporting clients throughout all stages of the recovery process”.
– Dawn Hynes, MSW, Founder of Hynes Recovery Services