Butterflihh Farm Fund

Butterflihh Farm Fund (BFF) – registered 501c3 Charity – rescues animals and creates an experiential, circular system of care: healing earth, human, and animals specializing in treating disordered eating behaviors and other mental health issues. BFF features a therapeutic, holistic healing and eco-conscious learning environment combining contemplative practices, TheraFarming, nutrition, and psychology.

BFF is accessible to all ages, genders and locations inclusive of equity pricing.

Donations to BFF are tax deductible 

Scientifically Supported Practices

Holistic, TheraFarm, customizable, enhanced circular care centered in scientifically supported practices accessible virtually and in person. Using the “medicine” of the COPER Model: Connection, Optimism, Play, Empowerment and Resilience to promote wellness and recover from illness.

Two Models Planned

Two models will become available as funds allow. Both would involve equity pricing so BFF will stay sustainable as those with ability to pay will contribute to level of ability, grants, fundraising and volunteers will be used to support those with total or partial inability to pay.


Emerge is a customizable outpatient program of supports offered Monday through Thursday 3-6:30pm, with short-term virtual or in-person options in Massachusetts.

Immersive Experience

The Immersive Experience is a 4-day program taking place Monday through Thursday at a “therapeutic retreat” in  California (once built).

More information coming soon.