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Vitamin D and the Importance in Health and Wellness

The Importance of Vitamin D   -Written by one of Flihh’s talented dieticians, Ryan Gebo   Vitamin D is a nutrient that is responsible for …

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How does Resilience lead to health and healing?

At flihh we talk a lot in groups and workshops about the power of positive change and the Butterflihh effect (adapted from the Butterfly effect …

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Transition: An essential part of the joy of life

        Transitions can be stress-producers: Starting school, moving, starting a new job or back to work after the recent changes. Transitions are …

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Find A Way To Play!


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The Benefit of Experiential Therapies: Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine assisted therapy and other forms of outdoor behavioral therapies are known as “experiential” therapies. This is because these unique models of treatment incorporate lived …

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6 Tools To Promote Optimism Each Morning to Promote Wellness

What is Optimism?   It is an approach to life knowing that you will be able to handle whatever situation comes your way or allowing yourself …

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