Bitter sting and beauty blooms

Life throws you curves; it is true. Often things occur in our lives that feel unfair, unexpected, untrue and yet, we need to work through them anyway. At these times it is hard to focus on positive. Anger, hurt, disappointment can gnaw at you encouraging negative responses, reactions and thoughts. Be mindful. Stay in the current moment and find beauty, positivity and gratitude. These activities will not change a negative situation, those will come and those will go. Others’ bad behavior is none of your business. In other words, you cannot control someone else’s behavior but you can control your reaction to it and how it impacts your life and your functioning. Breathe. Fill your center with all the life giving breath you can muster and breathe out all the negative thoughts, slowly so you are sure you are truly “tossing” them out. Know you are not alone. Kindness, hope and supports are available and something amazing will bloom.