Who We Are

FLIHH is a destination where services for women, children & adolescents, employers and employees, counselors and families, through mind, body and spirit can learn strategies to promote wellness or recover from illness in an environment that aligns with our values to be more in sync with nature, our planet, what impacts our bodies, what fosters growth and contentment. We exist to create an opportunity for effective therapies, experiential learning, connection, resilience and positive focus to come together.


FLIHH provides a range of services to adults, adolescents and families, as well as businesses, schools, and treatment facilities. FLIHH’s goal is to enhance, strengthen and/or provide alternatives in advancing mental wellness through:

  • Behavioral health care services
  • Retreats and workshops
  • Professional development

The Foundation for Learning and Inspiring Health and Healing (FLIHH) is a dream realized for founder Sheri Damon, LMHC. Building on her effective and successful practice formerly known as Alternative Consultation, Counseling and Training (ACCT), FLIHH will continue to strive to achieve the highest standards in behavioral health care, training and consultation through a mind-body focused approach incorporating proven strategies to achieve overall wellness. Inspired by the ``Butterfly Effect`` each small change made by the people who experience FLIHH will have a positive impact on him/her and the world around us!

Who We Serve

  • Businesses can refresh, motivate and improve their staff dynamics and emotional health.
  • Educational staff can acquire techniques and effective strategies for working with students with a variety of mental heath needs, learning styles, motivational needs and interests.
  • Families can learn how to work together to resolve complex illnesses such as Eating Disorders and Tech Addiction
  • Kids and young adults can reach their goals while working with a caring and connected team familiar to them.
  • Women can resolve issues with eating, body image, anxiety and depression.

Meet Sheri Damon, LMHC

FLIHH founder Sheri Damon is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with 28 years of experience working with women, children, and families and has consulted or trained in a number of professional arenas. Damon is an expert in treating eating disorders,  technology addiction and healthy technology use, women experiencing distress with child rearing/child behavior difficulties, as well as relationship issues and caretaking stressors.


Damon brings a unique perspective for working with people across the lifespan. All these experiences have inspired creative interventions, a cognitive-behavioral, “mind and body” approach to therapy, and attention to the numerous intervening life factors in healing.


Damon’s critically acclaimed “Power to Disconnect” presentation is heavily sought after for parent events, as well as school and professional organizational training.



Damon’s expertise lies in the treatment of:


  • Technology addiction with a focus on developing and maintaining healthy relationships with technology
  • Eating disorder recovery
  • Developing behavioral intervention plans
  • Decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression through cognitive, behavioral, and mind-body techniques

Affiliations & Education

  • Board Member of the South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists.


  • Member of the Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association  and maintains a strong working relationship with a number of professionals, local schools and a variety of state agencies.


  • Damon’s formal education includes a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. level training from Northeastern University, and a B.A. from Clark University.