Wellness and Treatment Services

Including individual, group and family counseling; consultation and training, and retreats and workshops

FLIHH™ specializes in treating eating disorders, disordered eating behaviors, anxiety, depression, ADHD and technology addiction. FLIHH™ features a therapeutic healing and education environment combining nature, nutrition, and psychology using our unique products, services, and experiences under our COPER™ and TheraFarm™ Brands

The Foundation for Learning & Inspiring Health & Healing

Founded by Sheri Damon, LMHC, LPCC, LCMHC, The Foundation for Learning and Inspiring Health and Healing (FLIHH) is a distinctive health and healing practice in Massachusetts and Southern California, including Butterflihh Therapeutic Farm located on the South Shore of Boston, MA, Flihh Holistic Wellness Studio in the Los Angeles area (San Gabriel, CA) and Butterflihh EcoSanctuary in the San Diego area (Ramona, CA). Damon has built a therapy and wellness brand encompassing the importance of mind, body, spirit, and environment in the teaching of health and wellness and treatment of eating disorders, anxiety, depression, stress management, technology overuse and addiction, and more. In addition, Damon offers consultations and training services across the US in person and via teleconference.

Damon applies a combination of strength-based strategies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and meditation, with effective programs for all ages, individuals of all genders and backgrounds, adolescents, and families. FLIHH is LGBTQ+ affirmative and a safe space for all.

Butterflihh Farm provides the opportunity for animal-assisted techniques, allowing clients to connect with nature and animals in a serene, soothing environment that promotes healing, wellness, and resiliency.

*COPER™ and TheraFarm™ Brands

*Connection · Optimism · Play · Empowerment · Resilience 

COPER™ and TheraFarm™ products and services evolved from Sheri’s strength-based, cognitive and behavioral, animal assisted, eco-focused, mindfulness and meditation strategies, models, trainings, and therapeutic approaches. Creating her authored COPER™ Manuals for all ages and genders, the Certified TheraFarm™ Practitioner training program, the COPER™ groups and the unique TheraFarm™ healing and learning set of services, workshops and retreats has been a culmination of years of work in the fields of health and healing.

In addition to virtual offerings nationwide, the COPER™ and TheraFarm™ Brands appear in 3 locations:

  • Butterflihh Farm (South Shore MA) is a site that helps clients connect to nature and animals in a serene environment promoting healing.
  • Butterflihh EcoSanctuary (San Diego area – Ramona, CA) is an immersive ecotherapy and learning site.
  • FLIHH Holistic Wellness Studio (Los Angeles area – San Gabriel, CA) is a center offering a range of wellness services. 

Products, Programs, & Services

FLIHH™, COPER™ and TheraFarm™ products, programs, and services offer a range of mind-body-spirit-environment wellness tools and merchandise, classes and retreats for individuals, families, groups, and businesses with an emphasis on rejuvenation, productivity, and wellness through experiential learning.  FLIHH™, COPER™ and TheraFarm™ also advance individual, group, and family therapies, nutrition training and nutrition counseling by featuring the rare mind-body-spirit-environment combined approach to address eating disorders and other mental and physical health issues. 

Work with our registered dietitians, clinicians and wellness teachers to identify the system of services, programs and strategies that will lead to health and healing for you: Yoga, reiki, sound healing, Thai infused body work, psycho-ed support groups, individual or family mental health therapy and individual or family nutrition counseling.

Individual & Family Counseling

Reiki & Sound Healing

TheraFarmTM & Equine Therapy at Butterflihh Farm

Nutrition Counseling & Consultation

Therapeutic Yoga


Retreats & Butterflihh EcoSanctuary

Support Groups

Emerge: Outpatient Programming for Eating Disorders


Enrollment is ongoing for our teen and pre-teen psycho-educational support group for treating anxiety, parent support for eating disorders and teen eating disorder groups, and parent support for ADHD. Visit our Facebook Page for the most up to date listing of group dates and times as well as special events. Or Contact FLIHH directly for a list of our current program offerings and more information (781) 834-5750.

What Our Clients are Saying

"One day at the Power to Reconnect retreat has made me more aware that if I get to a negative place I can put a stop to it and find a way out!"
Workshop Attendee
"Sheri is a kind, compassionate person and dedicated therapist who goes above and beyond for her patients. My family and I credit Sheri with saving my life."
College Student Treated for ED
"Sheri first met our daughter years ago during a social/emotional crisis – as most therapist relationships often begin. Today our daughter continues to struggle with a complicated diagnosis, but Sheri’s experience and support continues to be a critical resource, not only for our daughter but for our entire family."
Mother of Teen with Mood, Anxiety & ADD
"I have had the honor of knowing Sheri as a colleague and consultant for over 20 years. Sheri’s clinical expertise in dealing with youth and families is surpassed by none. Teens and youth are quickly drawn to her dynamic, informative and engaging style. I would highly recommend Sheri for family or individual therapy and/or consultation regarding parenting."
LICSW, South Shore of MA
"Having spent the last 5 years frustrated by the disconnect between our pediatrician, psycho pharmacologists, holistic practitioners, therapists, educational and school avoidance services, FLIHH is the answer to my prayers. Sheri's vision to bring alternative therapies in concert with traditional effective strategies is sure to bring families like mine the peace of mind they seek."
Parent of Teen Managing Child Onset BiPolar
"I was stuck in a debilitating depression for years. Sheri helped me lift myself up by working with me to change my internal dialogue by providing strategies to remove destructive words that had been reinforced in my subconscious."
Adult Female Patient